About Digital Learning Day

Since 2012, February 25th Digital Learning Day has been celebrated all around the world, in order to advocate for innovative digital learning and access for all students. It is a day to celebrate the use of digital technology in learning and in particular to highlight innovative and forward-thinking us of technology for learning in the classroom.

As of today, the sentiment with which we celebrate Digital Learning Day has become more powerful. Since the last Digital Learning day, the world has changed in almost every aspect. With the spread of the Covid19 pandemic imposing lockdown restrictions all over the world leading to school closures, many schools and educational institutions were forced to build and adapt digital learning infrastructure necessary to provide quality education for students and help teachers and parents quickly implement the distance learning into practice. Now digital learning has expanded outside the classroom and learning has become mobile due to innovative technologies delivering quality education anytime, anywhere.

why do we celebrate?

Neema Education Foundation (NEF) began the celebration of Digital Learning Day two years ago in Nepal, with an aim to provide a powerful platform for the education leaders, developers, digital infrastructure vendors and for innovators who deeply care for the future of education to connect, share ideas and spread awareness on innovative digital learning. 

This year NEF plans to celebrate Digital Learning Day in a different way. Since many aspects of digital learning have changed in the past year, we will be embracing the changes, and planning this year’s celebration as per the recent practices. 

Now, more than ever, digital learning is no longer confined to a conventional school-based education. Instead, learning is mobile and should be available to students anytime and anywhere. And this is only possible if we work together. Additionally, the education industry will find further possibilities if educators, students, and the rest of the stakeholders collaborate to find and utilize opportunities.

The vision for Let’s Educate 2021 Together

Event Objective/Goals

  • To build a strong Digital Education ecosystem and highlight its importance among the industry leaders and users. 
  • To address and aware users about the significance of evolving digital learning. 
  • To bring an impact on education sector together.

Expected Reach

  • 1 Lakh cross audience through various top media channels and social media like Online Portals, Newspapers, LED Advertisement
  • Social Media Promotions like Quiz Campaigns, Workshops and Social media Boosts

Achievements so Far

  • More than 100+ principals attended the event which helped us raise the awareness on digital learning and it's importance.
  •  Increased School base by 5 times. 
  • Students and children were motivated to use online learning platforms.

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